Why Specialized Insurance for Action Sports and Fitness?

Why Specialized Insurance for Action Sports and Fitness?
June 27, 2019 Andrew Riordan

I once heard a joke from a doctor that specialized in Neurosurgery.

He said, “I started out as a general practitioner and I learned a little bit about a lot of things. Then, I narrowed it down to neuroscience and learned a lot more about a smaller number of things. Next, I specialized in Neurosurgery and became an expert in a very small number of things… When I’m all finished, I’m going to know everything about nothing.”


I’m not going to compare us to Neurosurgeons (what we do is way more important…haha). But, the same principle applies…

Let’s go back to how typical general insurance agencies work –

A group of people who have been in the industry a long, long time gets together to form an agency where they can spend their mornings drinking coffee and discussing Monday Night Football or the latest episode of The Bachelor.

Most of these agencies have the backing of large money guys…typical establishment.  They put that money into call centers that dial people from a list at all hours of the day or spend a ton of money on sidewalk benches and shopping cart advertising.

Then the agent sits back and aggressively waits for the phone to ring and a hot lead to come in – any lead.

Their job is to tell the client “yes” we can help you. They’ll take down some standard info from the lead… That’s when they get busy – they’ll sit on this info for a couple of days until they get on the phone with a rep from an insurance carriers office asking them if they have any new business they want to place.

Then the agent remembers the info he took a couple of days ago and shares it with the rep.

In a few days, the rep gets back to the agent requesting more information. The agent then reaches out to his “hot lead” and makes the client gather the information. The agent then provides the info to the rep…

And just like that, in about 2 to 3 weeks since the “hot” lead comes in, the rep informs the agent that that client will not fit into their program.

(The fact is, it probably never fit into their program – and the ‘most annoying’ fact is, the agent should have known this from the beginning).


Why AMPED Insurance Specializes?


We found we can serve our client a whole lot better if we specialize in an area that we have a passion for. And, with that specialization comes a whole lot of benefits for our clients and for our carrier relationships.


– We know the sports and fitness industry. We know the risks involved, and we know the programs it takes to handle those risks.

– We know the niches within the sports and fitness industry.

– We have access to specialized insurance programs for all fitness businesses – franchised gyms, boutique fitness studios, spin classes, yoga studios, CrossFit affiliates, barre studios and more.

– Traditional Sports Insurance – we are experts in the programs that cover sports team, leagues, and training facilities.

– Action Sports Insurance – if you’re running a skatepark, surf camp, parkour or free run gym, mountain bike course, or anything else that would be considered an action sport. We actually KNOW and can provide the insurance solutions for you.


We don’t waste time. This specialization allows us to speed up the insurance process. The speed from the quote process to getting you covered is important. We know this and we know what it takes to get it done.

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